11/27 – Star Lake NY part 1

–> We moved to Star Lake NY when I was very young. We moved from Round Lake IL which I really don’t remember much of other than a surprise party that scared me so bad I cried instantly. Oh and the time my Mom gave me cough medicine and I liked it so much that I went and got the bottle out of her purse and drank it while hiding behind the couch (shit, that’s not a good sign). I think she gave me some ipecac or something to make me throw it up.
Anyways, Star Lake. It was a tiny town in the Adirondack Mountains of NY. I went to a K-12 school that covered so much area the bus ride to school was over an hour long. I only lived a half a mile from the school so I was the first stop and too young to walk. It was the kind of town that had a Dairy Treat (Dairy Queen ripoff) that had a Queen pinball machine, an ice skating rink, one small grocery store and like 6 bars (what else were the adults going to do while their kids were eating ice cream and ice skating?) The house was an A frame on the lake and was actually a very cool house from what I remember. It had a dirt basement that scared the shit out of me though. My brother’s room had a cool little balcony that overlooked the living room and my room was a double room that had an emergency exit with a small bridge outside of the door.

It was in my brother Paul’s room one time – wrapped in foil and calling my name. A Hostess Ding Dong. Remember when they were still wrapped in foil and were so moist and good? I ate that shit and when he found the wrapper with one of them gone he yelled at me but it was so worth it. Whenever I see Ding Dongs in the store, which is rarely I buy them and hope for that same taste but now they’re all dry and wrapped in cheap plastic. Guess I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I think there were like 5 houses on the top of the hill on the street we lived on. The first house had a hill with a sidewalk that went down to the main road but I never saw who lived there, then our house, the McKay’s house – they had two kids, Megan who was my age (I called her Meegan) and her brother Paul-Pat. There was another house that I never saw who lived there and then the Kuhn’s at the end. My Mother and step Father became friends with Bob and Della and they had 4 kids. Alan (RIP) who was my brother’s age and became his best friend, and his sisters Kathy, Julie and Susie. I remember that Paul and Alan use to always listen to Pink Floyd’s The Wall and the girls were always listening to REO Speedwagon. I was scared shitless of The Exorcist and it was a major TV event when it was on CBS for the first time. The girls were watching me that night that it was on and even the commercial with that haunting piano riff used to scare me. I know that Susie didn’t want to watch it either and I think she took me into the other room so that we didn’t have to watch it. Now every time I hear “Keep on Loving You” I think of their house and The Exorcist.

Luvy Duvy – Meegan and I used to play what we called luvy duvy. We would basically pretend like we were doing it but at 5 or 6 years old and with all clothes on. We really just hugged and stuff but you know how little kids hear about things and try to emulate them. Well we had enough older kids around us to hear about plenty. We had a small hill behind the houses that we called a mountain. I remember one time we were up on the mountain and her older brother was “coaching” us and her mom saw us and was standing at the bottom of the hill with a stick in her hand slapping her other hand with it. She screamed at him and beat his ass all the way down that hill. She also yelled at us and told me to go home and tell my Mom. I didn’t see much of Meegan after that for a while…


About Alton B. Etheridge III

My Last Years of Childhood is about my musings as I relive my childhood in words before I get too old to remember!
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