1/3 – The Used RV and the test run to who the F knows where

We bought an RV back in 2011 with the visions of us travelling all over in our home on wheels. It was a 1993 32’ Class A motorhome with 38,000 miles on it and we got a screaming good deal on it. There were no slide outs or anything fancy in it, just a straight 32 footer. There was sleeping for 6 (4-5 really) and the old timers that we bought it from never really used except for a couple of weeks a year at the Cape. We had always talked about getting a motorhome for the convenience of not having to stop at the bathroom once an hour, or food. Surely if you read my last post on  the December road trip you would guess that these frequent stops kill me.

So we get the RV and took a test run down to NJ for my daughter’s dance competition, it’s all 5 of us – my wife, two daughters and son. Everything seemed OK but I made one crucial mistake – I followed the directions on my phone GPS and ended up on a parkway. If you don’t know, a parkway has low bridges and any vehicle larger than 10’ is not allowed on. Our RV is 12’ tall. So we are pulling up close to an archway bridge when I realize my mistake so I stop in the right lane. Of course there is no breakdown lane either. I put the RV in reverse and put the hazards on hoping that I won’t be the cause of a 32 car pileup. Oh yeah, and we were also on a curve. So here I am backing up a 32’ rig after the curve in the right lane of a two lane parkway where the speed limit is 55 mph. Not my brightest moment.

Luckily I only had to back it up 100 feet or so, after about 10 minutes, which seemed like a lifetime, I was pulling us off the exit and to safety. Now we are diverted into some little mini-downtown area that is very difficult for me to maneuver this RV through which combined with my already being pissed at myself for the parkway incident leads me to yelling out loud – “Great now we’re in downtown who the fuck knows where!” This of course leads to everyone in the vehicle to start giggling at me and my daughter instantly tweets this and puts it on her FB profile. Hey wait, didn’t that “Sh*t my Dad Says” guy make a lot of money?


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2 Responses to 1/3 – The Used RV and the test run to who the F knows where

  1. Sandi Ormsby says:

    O M G! This is freaking hysterical. My parents bought this tiny, old,motorhome…nothing much, a model from the 70’s, maybe even the 60’s. My step-dad added an a/c unit to the top. One day, he was working on our car, and my mom had to hit the mall. He told her to take the MH. She forgot about the added height from the a/c unit and tried to park in a structure. It tore the A/C unit almost clear off. I had to stand in the back and hold it so it wouldn’t fall inside and I could give it support. she returned home very slowly…bouncy, bouncy… “how bad is it, San?” – “I can see light.” My mom started crying. I don’t know how, but he fixed it somehow….just like he fixed the garage when I was learning to drive a stick and get 1st gear down…instead I hit the house.


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    • Thanks! The one thing about RV’s and road trip in general is that there is always a story that follows. If you don’t have a story after the trip then you didn’t do it right! ANd now I always make sure I know the heights and clearances of my vehicles and the roads we travel on.

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