1/9 – Your blog has been SUSPENDED for bad tires…

So my blog account was taken off line due to a violation of terms for a few days. I racked my brain trying to figure out why – sure I swear on here sometimes and have posted on bongs once but WTF? I read your terms and I have not violated any? I am in Hong Kong on business so I am already a long ways from home and no I am feeling helpless. I frantically email the host website asking what I have done wrong. I have only started writing this blog in November and have about 30 posts since then so it’s a fair amount of writing. I created a Facebook page for this blog (to which my friend completely mocked me for – by the way see that Facebook box to the right of the blog? The one with the thumbnail pictures? Why don’t you click it and become a fan for me. Thanks and shameless plug over) with the hopes that I will have legions of followers and people clamoring to read my next post. Maybe this could turn into some kind of career in writing? Maybe someone will suddenly come across my blog and say “man someone give this guy a seven figure book deal”. But no, I guess this was the site’s way of saying I was getting to big for my britches as my Grandma Cape would say.

So I emailed them every day for the past 4 days, each day becoming a bit more anxious that my posts would be lost. Of course I have them saved but I didn’t want to have to create a new site somewhere else. I would lose the whole 6 followers I have (thanks family & friends) and have to repost everything on Facebook again under the new site (and get mocked again over my midlife crisis by my dear friend who now wants me to get him a shirt in Hong Kong – ha! Happy Birthday buddy – my blog is back!). Then I started getting emails from a couple of people asking what happened to my blog. So I emailed these fuckers 5 times in a row figuring that they would either throw me off permanently for being an obnoxious prick or maybe email me back.

Finally I got an email back this morning. It said that I had a link promoting a site on my blog. I thought to myself – what? I didn’t post any links? They reinstated my account and asked me to remove the link so I went back on and combed through my posts. Sure enough a few days ago I referenced a tire shop that had fixed my RV in Virginia and posted a picture that I got off the Internet. Sure enough this picture had a hidden link so you could click on it and go to their site. I take back what I said about that little lady at that tire shop and her hospitality, how dare they post a link to their picture so that idiots like me can’t copy and paste it without a link to their site and getting credit for it!! That’s it, no more stealing pictures off the Internet for me. Just kidding, I will just make sure the hyperlink is removed beforehand. Welcome back, did you miss me?


About Alton B. Etheridge III

My Last Years of Childhood is about my musings as I relive my childhood in words before I get too old to remember!
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2 Responses to 1/9 – Your blog has been SUSPENDED for bad tires…

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Hey there. Thanks for the warning. How weird?

  2. Yes very strange. I have put pics in before and then when I publish I notice that they are gone and there is a small icon box there instead. I usually go in quickly and replace the image but I think those are the links. This one I didn’t catch and I left it up for a day. From now on I guess I’ll do it the hard way by right clicking the image, saving it and then pasting it but I really am too lazy to do all of that so it’s really a pisser.

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