1/15 – Fresh Eddie Snuck Into the Theater of Dune! (Word)

image.axdThe early 80’s were a fun time to be young. There were all of the new words – more like old words being re-purposed. Like saying something was “fresh” or “dope” if you liked it or saying “word” when you agreed with something or “bad” when you really meant it was good. Of course if you were a little chubby white kid it didn’t come out sounding too cool. Everyone was all about Eddie Murphy where we lived. Everywhere you went people would quote something out of his routines like “I got McDonowwws” (you know you still sing this in your head when you take your kids to McDonald’s) or  “wanna lick – psych!” or blasting “Axel F” out of their boom box and talk about how many times we saw Beverly Hills Cop.

Seeing movies became sort of a bragging point at school. If you saw rated R movies porkys300somehow when you were in elementary school then you had a certain cred that other kids didn’t. If you saw the movie and other kids bragged that they did too then you would quiz them on what was in the movie to find out if they were lying. Thanks to my step brother Greg I saw just about every rated R movie that came through Showcase Cinemas. Friday the 13th 3 in 3D – check, Nightmare on Elm St – check, Porky’s – check. SO many kids lied about seeing these movies. It became sport for me to just go around and bust everyone.

showcaseWhen my step brother Greg came to live with us he taught us all kinds of new tricks at the movie theaters. We used to walk to the movie theater by going down Forbes St and crossing the highway. Of course I was scared shitless the first time we did this because the cars were going so fast. But it beat walking over the bridge and past the mall to get there. The highway was only two lanes on each side so it was relatively small. Now in 2013 that same highway in that spot is like 8 lanes on each side and you could never do it.  There were a few times where he would run across and if a car was too close I would just get scared and wait in the middle of the highway. By that time we could’ve just walked our lazy asses around!

Anyway once we got across we would go buy two tickets to the movies and then one of us would walk out with the two ticket stubs and hand it to someone who would then come in. We would do this Duneas many times as needed to get everyone in. Then there was another way which one of us would buy a ticket (usually Greg) while I and maybe one or two friends would wait by the back doors. We never knew which door would open so we would hang out and wait and when he opened the door we all went in and took a seat. This of course became standard practice after that. Once in we would watch a movie and then exit out the front of the theater. Back then you just walked out into the hallway where all of the other theaters were and there were no ushers to make us exit so we would just go into another theater and theater hop all day long. Once Greg and I watched the movie Dune like three times in a row because we couldn’t understand it all. I’ve never watched that stupid ass movie again.


About Alton B. Etheridge III

My Last Years of Childhood is about my musings as I relive my childhood in words before I get too old to remember!
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