Parachute Pants and the Carolina Kremed Headhunter

In 1984 my Dad and I went down to North Carolina to visit with my Grandmother, Aunt 145311525446458094_SNysNTjI_band Uncle and cousin. These were the same family that we visited in Olympia Washington a few years earlier that I referred to in my Christmas post – – They had relocated across the country to Winston-Salem NC. I couldn’t help but remember my little cousin as a terror that hit and kicked me as a little kid and I couldn’t do anything about it. I still held the grudge against him for that. I mean come on, Just look at that face in that previously mentioned post with Santa. I knew that most of the week I was going to be with him now that we were a little older.

I was into the heavy music of the day by then but really only owned a few albums. I  Krokus_HeadhunterCDbrought two with me – Kiss Animalize, which was brand new, and Krokus Headhunter which one of my Dad’s roommates had given me before we came to NC. Graham and I spent a lot of time that week in his front room that had the record player and we listened to those two records over and over while playing with Legos. I was starting to warm up to him a little bit but he still had his moments where he pissed me off, deliberately. We both got parachute pants as a gift from our Grandmother. Of course it was 1984 and every kid had parachute pants. This was both of our first pair. I wore them the first day but I think that was it. Graham didn’t take his off for the entire week. It started irritating me and I don’t know exactly why but I asked him repeatedly when he was going to take them off because people don’t wear the same pair of pants every day for a week!!

1307563925_donutBy the end of the week I discovered several things from my first NC trip – Krispy Kreme donuts were the pillowy, sugary food of the Gods and I could seriously live on these if I needed to, I now know how cigarettes are made after my Winston factory tour (a big attraction there in Winston-Salem!), North Carolina was very warm and green, I actually like frozen yogurt, this side of my family loves to go to the mall, and my little cousin wasn’t so bad after all but he was still a pain in the ass!


About Alton B. Etheridge III

My Last Years of Childhood is about my musings as I relive my childhood in words before I get too old to remember!
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