2 Billy’s and a New Suit

I saw my old friend Billy at the store the other day. We talked for a few minutes, about some old memories and how we need to get together soon. We’ve been talking about how he, Mayland and I needing to get together for a few years now. He also asked me if I was still writing this blog. I IMG_0012started writing this with the intent of posting every day. That worked for the first month. Then my blog got shut down for a few days and that’s all it took to get me out of the swing of writing every day. Slowly but surely my posting had gotten less and less. Something my friend Kevin loves to remind me of. He said at this rate we’ll be lucky to hit my 20’s by the time the year is up. He may be right but my run in with Billy inspired me to get back to it and write (I’ve got to lay off those video games!). Anyway I digress… seeing Billy reminded me of my old suit. My Mom bought me the suit when I was younger so that I could be dressed appropriately for my sister’s wedding in Iowa.

IMGIt was a tan three piece suit with a blue tie and it was my first one. I liked dressing up, it made me feel important and sophisticated – like a little businessman. After that wedding I still wore that suit. I wore it until it was too small for me to wear anymore. For two years straight on picture day I would put on my suit and walk up Burnside ave to school. I think one year I even brought a briefcase with me. I needed that for authenticity. A briefcase in one hand and my Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox in the other. Hell Yes. All my friends would tease me about it 3001_1082125067703_1059092_nbut I didn’t care. They were jealous that they didn’t have a suit and they didn’t look as good as me. One year Billy even wanted to try it on. After school one day we went to his house and I let him try it on while I sat there and tried to mock him and laugh back at him but I was the one standing awkwardly with a pillow covering my underoos.

IMG_0010My nephew was also named Billy. He and I stood together for my sister’s (his Mom) wedding. He was also wearing his first suit with his little cowboy boots. When I think of Billy and I at a young age I remember our (half) cross country trip. I was at my Dad’s one summer in Illinois and my Grandma Cape picked me up in her RV to drive me home and Billy was with us to come and visit. So it was just us three in her class B RV driving from Chicago to Connecticut. Now you need to understand that my Grandma Cape was a southern woman that was cranky as hell and didn’t exactly have a lot of patience to begin with and now she was dealing with two very impatient little boys.

We asked for everything at every stop we made. She said no every time except one. She bought me a bag of chocolate licorice that I had asked for. I liked Chocolate and I liked licorice so I figured it would be good! I ate one and it was nasty. My Grandma being the woman she was said well you asked for it and you’re gonna eat it! Against my will I finished the bag and didn’t ask for anything else for the rest of the trip. Then there was the rest stop where she completely left Billy and me in the store and took off. Not like she went outside and left us – she friggin drove off! Got back on the highway and left! Maybe it was because we were asking for everything but she claims she just forgot. Just forgot?!? How do you forget two little kids at a rest stop? I don’t know how long it took her to realize it but she came back for us. Now that I think about it – that chocolate licorice was probably her bribe to try and make up for it!

Billy stayed with us for a week or two I think and I wasn’t quite used to another little kid in the house. About mid way through his visit I got a bit jealous and put a sign up on my door that said “I hate myself!!” to try and get attention. It didn’t work. I think everyone ignored me even more. Good lesson – when you act like an little prick you get treated like one!


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My Last Years of Childhood is about my musings as I relive my childhood in words before I get too old to remember!
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2 Responses to 2 Billy’s and a New Suit

  1. Marti says:

    What no mention of Grandma leaving the two of you at the rest stop and driving off?

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